a dog day afternoon

Back in the city, Johnny went and got an expensive coffee at a Starbucks on Consumer Street.  Consumer Street was busy with tourists and consumers.  And loud with a technobeat which never seemed to alter at all.  So Johnny sat and looked at the busy street and stole glances at passing girls with nice bodies.  When there was nothing to look at, he stared at the ground.

Then someone's dog started wandering around on the patio.  It went up to other people and they petted it.  Johnny wanted to pet it, but it went to everyone else's table instead because he was sitting by the busy door.  Then, the dog and its owner left.  So, then for a long time there weren't even pretty girls to look at - just cars, cars, cars, cars, cars, cars, cars.  Johnny didn't go home because there was nothing for him to do there.  Then, just as he was starting to get really bored, two Australian girls asked if they could use the two empty chairs by Johnny's table.  He said they could.

And then a guy came up to the patio dressed in a dog costume.  He waved at the people, and another boy with dyed hair passed out invitations to a rave to some people on the patio (Johnny didn't get one because he didn't look cool and well-to-do like the other people sitting there).  As the guys were leaving, the dog turned to the patio and shouted "ROCK AND ROLL!  Fuck, YEAH!"  This made Johnny smile.  Then a guy with a parakeet on his shoulder walked by on the sidewalk.  And then a throng of pretty girls.  And a man who looked like Satan.  All the while, the Australian girls talked about boys and parties they'd gone to.

And then, Johnny the Monkey Boy finished his coffee.  He didn't have money for another coffee, so he decided to go.  He headed home.  The further he walked, the more the techno beat music of Consumer Street faded.  Eventually, he couldn't hear it anymore at all.  He was thinking about the guy in the dog costume when he walked in front of a cab.  The cabbie honked his horn and shouted "Watch where you're going you dumb-ass monkey!"

"Oh, ok," Johnny said.  Afterwards, he wished he had yelled at the cab:  "ROCK AND ROLL!  Fuck YEAH!"  He also later wished he had talked to the Australian girls.  Or to anyone at all.

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