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It was a fine day to be a Monkey Boy.  "Hmmmmm," said Johnny as he sipped on an expensive coffee and squinted his eyes to stare out at the bright minimall parkinglot.  He didn't know what the names of the trees were that were planted in the concrete islands of the parking lot.  The row of trees by the Burger King looked like pines though.  Pretty.  The greatest mellow hits of the 80's filled Johnny's ears.  Johnny peered up at the big sky, liking the pulled-cotton look of the clouds.  Then he looked at the busy street - the passing truck that had the C + P on the side, the city bus, the SUV's, the pick-up trucks, an army convoy and some minivans.  Then a big Burger King truck pulled into the parking lot and he was no longer able to see the busy road.

Then Johnny noticed that a small, shiny black bird had landed under the table next to him.  It had strange, yellow eyes.

Johnny sipped some more of his expensive coffee.  He pulled out his notebook and wrote in it:  "It is a fine day to be a Monkey Boy."

Then he noticed that the black bird was still there looking at him.  He also noticed that it only had one leg.  He suddenly was filled with a lonely wish that he had some food to give to it . . .

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