My mother speaks a language that I don't understand.
She smiles that secret smile of hers and says "Gabbyalofursh."
I smile back and try to look like I know what she's talking about.
"Sweeprishekefoffnium," she says as she rocks back and forth.
I try to use my powers to beam thoughts directly to her brain.
She points to herself and says "Blummedlyflamsonggool."
I wrap my arms around her and tell her everything is okay.
The nurse comes and tells me my mother needs to get her rest.
I fly around the city and think of all the things I could smash.
Instead, I sit atop the Chrysler Building eating a Power Bar.
Somewhere nearby a gun is being fired again and again.
It sounds to me like "Putchoo-putchoo-putchoo-putchoo."  
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