Angry Sestina for Chris

Dear Chris,
I am so sick of your shit.
Why is it that everytime I call,
I get transferred to your voice mail
system?  It either says you are unavailable
or on the phone, which neither of which is true.

Guys like you don't believe in what's true.
You have a fucking answer for everything, Chris.
Stop telling me that you will let me know when you're available,
because you never do.  If it's one thing I can't stand, it's bull-shit,
okay?  So did you get my letter in the mail?
Why don't you ever fucking call

me?  I call and call
you, but you don't answer.  Is it true
about what they're saying about you and mail
order brides?  I wouldn't be surprised, Chris.
I'm way past tired of your shit
you know that?  When will you be available

for me to come over and suck your dick?  I'm available
on Monday.  I know you're off on Mondays, but whenever I call
your ass is nowhere to be found.  Just cut the shit,
kid.  You said you had to work, but that wasn't true,
cuz I saw your fucking PT Cruiser in the parking-lot, Chris.
What's up with that?  You know how much I like you.  Check the mail.

I wrote you another love letter yesterday.  The mail
should have been delivered in your area by now.  "Big" is available
at Border's.  I was going to buy it for you, but Chris
you're always such an asshole when I call.
I know the things they say about you aren't true.
I know you just want me to leave you alone, but fuck that shit,

cuz I'm fucking crazy about you.  That's why I put up with your shit,
cuz I like you and I like sucking your dick.  I mail
love letter after fucking love letter to you.  I'm completely true
to you, dog.  You were more available
to me when we didn't know each other.  I call
you sometimes just so I can hear your voice.  I'm obsessed, Chris,

and I can't fucking help it.  This shit is true
what I feel for you, Chris.  I just wish you were more available,
but fuck the calls and the letters in the mail.
I've decided to get more aggressive.  
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