an email to a doctor

SUBJECT: Tomorrow's PCD installation at the Clooney Monastery operation theater

Dearest Doctor Lontrau,

I want to thank you once again for taking our matter before your council and acting so swiftly on our concerns.  Mr. Clooney and I are delighted with the League's decision.  A Psychokinetic Controlling Device, if successfully implanted (and in saying 'if' here, please don't think that I'm questioning the abilities of the League's operation theater experts - rather, it's just that I am aware of the sometimes unhappy statistics concerning this radical experiment thus far) will render our monastic recipient an automaton whose will is completely bent to our own.  Thus wired, our famous Monk K will only better serve the six-tiered Plan of Clooney Enterprises...  Which will, of course, compliment so well those plans of your formidable League of Scientists.

These are exciting times we live in, Dr. Lontrau - and we're delighted to tap into the potential of this era with our friends, the Scientists.

I'll see you tomorrow in the operation theater, my dear friend.

Calamity Burntwood, MB

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