an interrupted dream

Mr. Meat appeared in Johnny the monkey boy's dream again.  He was angry looking.  "You think it's really funny to turn me into fiction, don't you?" asked his old junior high school principal.

"Yes," replied Johnny.

Then Mr. Meat was suddenly huge and looming over the monkey boy.  It made Johnny feel like a small bug.  "You think you're really clever, don't you?" asked the angry giant.  Mr. Meat's nose whiskers shivered far above in the gales of the mad titan's breathing, like palm fronds might in a strong breeze.  Johnny's guts clenched in fear.

"No sir," he said in a small voice.  "I don't feel clever."

"Good," said Mr. Meat in a voice louder than thunder.  The monkey boy's old junior high school teacher was now as vast as a mountain.  And the man was growing bigger every moment.  "Because you are just a dumb little shit.  You are meaningless.  A fart in a forest.  A forgotten booger under a lost child's bed.  A dead fly in an abandoned building.  A piece of coal in a town powered by nuclear energy."

"Yes sir."

"Wake up," said Mr. Meat who now was as big as the universe, but fading, fading into the patterns of stars.


The command was repeated:  "Wake up."

Johnny the monkey boy opened his eyes.  He felt very disoriented.

He looked around to see who had come into his bedroom to tell him to wake up.  The fact that someone had told him to wake up worried Johnny a bit because there hadn't been anyone else in his apartment when he went to sleep.

Floating above his bed was the angel who'd visited him before.  The painful psychic energy emanating from her was worse than ever.  "Wake up, damnit," the angel said.

"Ok," said the monkey boy.  He felt a hundred percent awake now.  He peeked up at the angel from beneath sheets that covered a part of his face.

The angel frowned at the monkey boy.  "You know, Johnny," the angel said as it floated there, "it's kind of weird that you keep dreaming about Mr. Meat."

"Ok," said Johnny.

"All he did was kick you out of school a long time ago for wearing a nasty shirt.  Other than that, he did nothing.  Furthermore, you never even really blipped on his radar, Johnny.  Johnny.  Johnny - pull the sheet down from over your head..."

"I'm sorry," Johnny said as he obeyed.

"The truth is, silly monkey - Mr. Meat has not thought about you in a very long time.  So.  Get over it."

"Ok," Johnny said.

The angel looked like she was going to float away, but then she swooped her wings so she was floating right above Johnny's bed again.  "Oh," the angel said.  "I almost forgot the reason I wanted to talk with you in the first place."  Johnny looked up at the angel.  "There is a good chance you will die today.  Beware."

Johnny looked up at the angel some more.  "Oh, ok," he said.

The angel frowned at the monkey boy, beat her wings once and was gone.

Johnny stared for a really long time up at the place where the angel had been.  He was still totally awake.

The sun came up hours later.  Johnny the monkey boy was still staring with big eyes at the empty space before him.

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