an angel visits

Johnny the Monkey Boy was tired.  But he didn't go to sleep.  Johnny wasn't really that good at looking after his body or even caring about it all that much.  So, instead, Johnny went to the kitchen and got the last beer from the fridge.  Then he stared out the window for a while.  "I'm tired," he thought, but he didn't do anything about it.  He just looked out the window at the night time.  The street was all dark though because it was after midnight, and there wasn't much to look at.  Johnny yawned a really big yawn.  Then he sipped more of his beer.  And more time went by.

Then an angel appeared before Johnny.  The angel had vast wings and a strange psychic energy emanated from her that hurt Johnny's head.  The angel looked at Johnny sternly.

"You're dying of bowel cancer," the angel told the monkey boy.  Her voice was low and booming.

"Oh, ok," said Johnny.

The angel hovered closer to Johnny, and hung over him like a sinister and vast dark kite.  "And your father is really not your father," the angel declared.

The monkey boy stared up at her and fidgeted.  He looked at his beer and really wanted to take a sip.  The angel was making him a little bit nervous.

Because he didn't know what else to do, Johnny offered the angel a sip of beer.  "Would you like a sip of beer?" he asked her.

"No," she said, wrinkling up her face.  "Beer isn't good for you," she said, shaking her head at the timid monkey boy.  "And look at the ugly belly that stuff is starting to give you."

"Oh," Johnny said.

Then, without even saying goodbye, the angel disappeared.

"That was odd," Johnny thought.  Then he frowned and drank some more of his beer.

And then he looked out the window into the featureless night.  He looked out the window for a long time.  Not matter how long he looked out though, he couldn't really see much more.

After a while Johnny got up and went to bed.

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