Juked #18
Year Published: 2023
Dimensions: 6" x 9"
Pages: 163

Janice Deal
Strange Attractor
Monona Wali
Thank You
Scott Bradfield
Dad and Gone
duncan b. barlow
Mother, I Have Dreamed of You
Amy Dotson
Ecosystem in a Jar
David Ryan
You Don’t Know Him Yet, But You Will
Madeline Stevens
Life on Mars
Rachel Reeher
Queen of Bats
James R. Gapinski
The Museum of Future Mistakes
Andrew Tonkovich
Three Acts in Three Plays (Plus One)

Carol Guess & Rochelle Hurt
Non to Non
Non-Mom’s SOS
Chip Livingston
Ode to the Culebra
San Judas Tadeo, Apostle of God’s Image
Ode to Scales and Shingles
Dujie Tahat
When You Finally Empty the Balikbayan You’ll Wanna Press in from the Corners
Fragile: Balikbayan in My Frightened & Naked Arms
My Mother Made My Science Fair Projects Sometimes but Instead of Trifolds Would Cut Out the Sides of a Balikbayan
Tiffany Hsieh
Call Come Call Go
The Immigrant
The Blind Spot
Tania Leal
A Lesson in Self-Hate
The Home in My Body (after Tonada de Luna Llena)
Paper Cranes
Remi Recchia
When My Wife Cuts Her Hair & I Forget What to Say
Paris, Spring 2020
Jessica Poli
Aubade with Benediction
When the Horse Lies Down
3 a.m. Cento
Jennifer Srygley
Anatomy Lesson 3: The Inguinal CAnal
Helicopter Grounded by Winter Fog on St. Clair, Missouri Airstrip
Sophie Paquette
Boy Dido (Villanelles)
Victoria Stitt
At the Auto Shop
The Watermelon Women
Uma Menon
Ars Poetica after “Skin”

Greg Marshall

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