Juked #16
Year Published: 2019
Dimensions: 6" x 9"
Pages: 160

Brian Evenson
Leaving Winter

Emily Alex
Ride or Die
Christine Ma-Kellams
Grocery Store Armageddon
Michael A. Ferro
Sean Williamson
Paul Hansen
They Knocked Out the Lights
Shannon Sanders
The Gatekeepers

Jean Marie Nunes
Plunge Your Arm In Up to the Elbow
Plunge Your Arm In Up to the Elbow
To Be or Like Not to Be
To Be or Like Not to Be
Plunge Your Arm In Up to the Elbow
Nicholas Bon
Rabbit Bon
Jenna Lê
Aging and Clinical [Sic]
Deep Men
Evan J. Cutts
Dewey Square Sequence
Guessing Game
Stella Santamaría
Vending Machine Junkie
After Papa Murió, After My Father Died
Phuong T. Vuong
Everything Imagined That Was
Bà Nội Rests at Sea
Jennifer Conlon
Mom’s Boyfriends
House Fire
Reilly D. Cox
At the Contraception Museum
Daschielle Louis
Of the Dust
Post Quarantine Revelations
Among Other Things, God Is a Woman
Ellyn Lichvar
Iva Was a River
Then It Really Began
Iva’s Followers Came Home
The First Time
Joshua Zelesnick
“Let’s Invite the Monster, a Heartache May Follow . . .”
“The Enemy Is a Monster . . .”
“What’s in a Name,    Everything . . .”
Audra Puchalski
Saint Alban of Mainz
Saint Lawrence
Catherine MacCue
Cassandra Contemplates All Hallow’s Eve
Cassandra’s Thanksgiving
Cassandra’s Confession
Cassandra’s Beauty
Cassandra Before She Walks to Her Death

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