Juked #14
Year Published: 2017
Dimensions: 6" x 9"
Pages: 134

Emily Franklin
Come See Exciting Delaware
Josh Gray
All Hands Against His Own
Christian TeBordo
One to No One
Jennifer Milton
Beach House
Andrew Tonkovich
The Prisoner

Roy G. Guzmán
Queerodactyl II
Queerodactyl III
Iliana Rocha
Texas Seven
Jessy Randall
Three Poems from Industrial Series (diagram poems)
Jessica Hudgins
During the Summer of My Mother’s Sickness, a Minor Heartbreak
Maya Jewell Zeller
Out-takes from the Making
Kou Sugita
Of Ken
Keith M. Donnell, Jr.
Lord’s Prayer, 1910
Ex-Slave Bares His Back
Bill Williams
Alyse Knorr
from Mega-City Redux
Willy Palomo
Where a Boy Prophet Drowns in a Pond
When the revolution finally comes
Michael Pearce
Noni and Grappa
Great Big Woman
jayy dodd
there’s something about being raised in a church
What Do You Call a Collection of Niggas (A Nature Poem)
National Anthem: An Ode

Matthew Vollmer
Status Updates: Three Essays

Sean Lovelace
Two Letters

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