Gerard Sarnat

Gerard Sarnat splits time between his San Francisco Bay Area forest home and Southern California's beaches, where he and his wife care for their first grandson.  Gerry is seeker and Jewbu a father of three, physician to the disenfranchised, past CEO and Stanford professor, and virginal writer till the recent tender age of sixty-two.  He has been published or is forthcoming in print and electronic literary journals internationally including EZAAPP, The Hiss Quarterly, Pens on Fire, Poets Against War, Thieves Jargon, Underground Voices, Flutter, Jack, Atavar, Wilderness House Review, Aha!Poetry, Spindle, Defenestration, Black Zinnias, The Furnace Review, Stonetable Review, Bird and Moon, LoudPoet, SoMa, SNReview, and Subtle Tea, among others.  "Just Like the Jones'," about his experience caring for Jonestown survivors, was solicited by The Jonestown Annual Report and will appear later this year.  Gerry is currently working on an epic prose poem, "The Homeless Chronicles."  He has been accepted into a four person writers' cooperative by The California Institute of Arts and Letters; Pessoa Press plans to publish his first book.