Eva Olsgard

Eva Olsgard is a writer, artist, and designer. In addition to performing and exhibiting her work internationally, she has pioneered award-winning programming and lectured on the arts and cultural studies. Her writing has appeared in: Pinyon Review, Cobalt Review, and Magma Poetry (UK). Her Buddhist installation, “Prayers for a City of Pollen and Light,” was commissioned for Chicago’s Gross Park Sculpture Invitational. Her cubist poem, “EYEDISCRIMINATEAGAINSTGAZE” (2005-ongoing), launched on Myspace.com/focalength as an interactive “bust” and on T-shirts donned by acclaimed poets and authors provoking a world wide discussion about xenophobia, surveillance, and social media. “Newspaper” is a “Cord Poem.” The “cord” form (of her own design) captures the life of an object in a one line stave composed of twenty-four syllables or less. She holds a B.A. in Literature and Creative Writing from Bard College.