Colin O'Sullivan

Colin O'Sullivan is an Irish writer living and working in Japan.  His poetry has been published in his homeland and abroad in various magazines such as: The Shop, The Mermaid's Purse, The Stony Thursday Book, The Killarney Bombay Café, The Brobdingnagian Times, Podium 2, Cork Women's Poetry Circle, Understanding, Snakeskin, Poems Niederngasse, The Poetry Mill, Crannog, Whispers of Wickedness and VerbSap.
      He has written several radio pieces for RTE radio (Ireland), some of which have been published in A Living Word, an anthology of prose featuring Irish writers.
      Recently some of his stories have been published in England in Staple New Writing and Crystal, in Southword (Ireland), in Carve Magazine (USA), The Taj Mahal Review (India), and online in Invisible Insurrection, Pen Himalaya (Nepal) Prose Toad, Ludlow Press, Thieves Jargon, Red Fez, LIT Vision, Whispers of Wickedness, Gator Springs Gazette, VerbSap, Skive Magazine, Dublin Quarterly, The Raging Face and a future Spoiled Ink.
      He is a member of Fia Rua Writers' Group in his native Killarney, Ireland (now operating mostly online).
      He lives in Hirosaki, Japan, with his wife and son.