Kevin P. Keating

Kevin P. Keating was born in Cleveland, Ohio and lived, for a time, in the rough and tumble neighborhood of Bird Town, a notorious quarter of the city where the streets teemed with hordes of sinister, unwashed children. One day, at the age of three, he pedaled away on his big wheel without telling his parents and journeyed into the heart of darkness. A peculiar couple driving a rusty station wagon saw him and, feeling pity in their hearts, picked him up. Now he is unsure if these people returned him to his biological parents or raised him as their own. It’s all so vague now. He only knows that he was sent to a Jesuit school where the priests made several attempts to anesthetize him permanently. He survived this ordeal and went on to write some very strange stories indeed. His work has appeared in a number of literary journals, including most recently The Oklahoma Review, The Circle, Slow Trains and Exquisite Corpse. He refuses to die until one of his stories appears in Ploughshares or The Paris Review. This should ensure his immortality. He is quite pleased.