Bradford Goodwin

Shown here in golden oak finish, the sturdy Bradford is hand-carved in the Carpathian mountains by the cleverest of shepherds. Equipped with raised Arabic numerals and a rotating moonface dial, his raised panel inserts and beveled glass door and sides combine punctuality with craftmanship of the highest degree. Made to order and never warehoused, options include: quicksilver lyre pendulum, self-propelled weight shells, automatic sleep-mode, and cable-wound alarm movement in Whittington, Westchester, or St. Vitus chimes.

Choice of finish: G1974 Golden Oak, G1980 Village Oak, G1987 Country Oak, G1999 Desert Oak, G2001 Pickled Oak, G2004 Salzburg.

H: 71", W: 29", D:13 1/3.

No variable veneers!

Certified by the Moravian Goat Herder's Guild — now available in thesis form.