Nonbinary Love Story


You vaulted me up through the window

& we hoped the neighbors wouldn’t freak

& maybe this is not the nonbinary love story

that strangers on the internet want to hear

but it’s the one I’m telling: we both tie our hair

on top of our heads to put our tongues

between each other’s legs & we both drive.

You cook dinner & the bills are in my name.

We cannot keep the dishes or the litter box

on schedule but I wake up every morning

cradling your body in my arms. That’s enough.

This love is rings & babies. This love is acid

dropped in the backyard, fractal magic,

it’s the color of your eyes or the Christmas tree

that’s taller than last year’s. It might not look like much

but I am gay & sad & fuck


come here, I love you.

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