Bring a Hole to Work Day


             Some holes are bigger than

others just like raises but there’s no

such thing as half a hole; every

hole’s a whole hole and if we added

up all the nothing raises we were

given it’d be a big nothing; some

infinities                 are bigger than

others after all, for example you

could collect every hole in the office

into a set of holes, a hole holding

holes, which would have to be larger

than any single hole it held but if

each hole were bottomless then

you’d have a hole holding infinities

which itself would be finite

otherwise it’d have no border & not

actually be a hole. Only one endless

void allowed per employee.

A game I played as a kid included

the idea of a portable hole which one

could crawl into when needed,

a pocket              universe. The artificial

intelligence the company developed

with funds that could have been raises

turned out not to be intelligent or even

useful, except in that it demonstrated

that the company could & would value

the idea of fake intelligence over the

actual intelligence            of its

employees & just like how tigers need

to eat a person before realizing they

like eating people, so too did the

company need to hand out lots of

nothing before it realized its own

emptiness & how it would need to

swallow everything & would remain

unfulfilled because it had nothing at its


& its center                    was endless.

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