from Scroll


To eat Elvis, draw Elvis

on a cookie, then bite

To eat eyeless

men? A cartoonish submarine into which

no one may fit?

The image is all

that needs


Slathered in streetlight

your painted cheek is pretty as snow

The outline you give your eye, as if it were

to draft itself

An essay on seeing

The manmade lens

The whole human in fact “manmade”

inside the bright lab of another body

Unfollow the turtle onto whom has been soldered wheels

There is a carrot yet to be peeled

A carrot yet to rot

despite a name’s smuggling

A speed bump inside oneself

Get over it

To specify “goldenrod” or “canary”

To un-narrate a story turning “I” into a slit

other words will sew up

Healing was bound to come

its little possum nose sowing night into the field

the moon disrobed

just earlier

while I sat looking for the poem

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