My Trek in Mountain


I go for trekking alone

specifically in mountain

still silent as if meditating

no other human around

lush green meadows

grassing domestic animals

sometimes appear to break

my loneliness of my journey.

I start early morning leaving

a village where I spent the last night

I walk and walk and talk to musical

silence so solemn without sound

I call it music since it gives me

the same pleasure when I get lost

in a play of music almost losing

my consciousness, nothing else

can bother me to my amusement.

On my way I reach villages

a few huts, giggling girls

carrying water in pot on head

coming from the nearby spring

they look at me curiously

I stop at the door of a temple

some elderly people are sitting

they ask me to render my homage

to the village deity before proceeding

for my safe journey ahead

in dangerously poised terrain.

I sit under a shade to take a pause

soon I fall asleep in cool breeze

a dream overwhelms me

I find myself traversing solo

life journey nobody is there

only I exist in the whole world.

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