The Persistence of Memory

              for Gala Dali

who raged water electricity and heat when the shack had none

              who fried her pet rabbit and fucked like an electric eel

who wore a cathedral on her head

                            whose head was a throne towering over gables

              and domes of the Mediterranean and sometimes a head of snakes

who bartered bills and paid for bruised fruit

                                          whose second husband named her a tree of names that grew

              no fruit only long stalks dangling from branches

who ten years his senior squeezed herself

              into his mouth so she could inhabit his body

              who walked naked and ate naked and swam naked

                                          and whose nipples were the needles of a compass

                            pointing always toward the dirt but also out to sea

who night after night dreamt only of the sea and the surf

                            curving around her like a hook

                            who was born from the barrel of a horse

who was born outside a womb to many fathers

                                          whose bones grew conical like the horns of a rhinoceros

              which she pulled painful from her mouth like an armory

                            of bayonets, until she had no bones and her mouth refused to close

who fucked Paul Élutard and Max Ernest and Jeff Fenholt and their lovers

              who fucked body shivering white clover in the breeze

who shivering climbed a staircase of vertebrae

                                          and disassembled the earth into spheres

                            who committed herself to antiseptic rooms that her lovers

              wandered in their nightmares and that she rearranged when the moon

                                          slivered over the roof until the lovers were lost in darkness

who saw Jesus crucified at Port Lligat in darkness and the sea was whistling

              who bound to a tree bled roses from her uterus

                            as a shadow cast over her and a parenthesis closed

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