American Exchange Student Pulled Out of Giant German Vagina

06/22/14 10:40PM Filed to: Vaginas

When 22 firemen arrive with the right

lubrication for your legs that are wedged

in the marble edge of your birth your

love your little

                           death—that sheath for your sword—

the in & the out—

are you within or without? Perhaps both enchanted

& repelled by the smooth marble, the valleys & hills &

accordion folds of that $173,000 commemoration of love

& mystery & the permanency of man’s lust

for the singular part,

                                     no body.

The 47 witnesses to your ecstatic entrapment point

& laugh in the language you’ve never quite

gotten right. What else could go wrong? No light

for the camera on your phone, no name

in the proliferation of internet articles—not even fame, just

your face with that ridiculous expression, half-happy, half-

weeping & gnashing of teeth as you’re pulled

out—thrown out of the kingdom—outside, inside


       the cold forever dark.

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