I once saw my mother in a man’s arms and lot more.

It was wholly a night but partly I got to sense it wasn’t

my dad or so.

1983 March 17 at 1.23 in the morning. Then extra seconds

gone I rubbed my hands. Between 21st and 26th seconds in that

watch kept out around that corner. I saw my mother in a

man’s arms and doing lot more.

That exact phosphorescent second in the watch what

happened I didn’t know it was my mother top on him. I think

it was just at 1.23.24

in the morning mother made a sound and lot more. It was

actually 24th second after 1.23 in the morning I saw my

mother noshing all. That was exactly how I saw my mother

in a man’s arms.

You may ask me what sort of mind is it that

I’m saying

one thing over and over again.

How could I so correctly

write this one thing had it not been in my mind

over and over and over again or so

the man with his arms doing the all. Lot more

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