Lots of people

experiencing solastalgia

dazed and diffused

and reeling to da new neologism.

Dats wat you expect to feel

wit da growing anxiety.

Climate change going rearrange

all da migratory ducks in wun row

dat no can find da mudflats anymoa.

Destination wetlands

dat used to be undah watah

going evaporate into sun baked cracks

wen everyting dry up.

At da same time out in da ocean

da dying coral coming all white

and dats really not alright

foa all da creatures

living on da reef.


da polar bears up north

going be swimming

in moa open watah

just to find places foa hunt.

In da adah hemisphere

as da Amazon jungle disappears

and Pinocchio’s nose

grows longah den his ears

all da authoritative denials

going go up in smoke

to help feed da coming hurricanes.

Existential distress

caused by wun altered environment

going be wun avalanche on da brain.

Who knows wat kine medication

dey going prescribe next

foa dis latest mental disorder?

In da least

color da pills green or blue

in pristine memory

of da trees, ocean, and sky.

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