Alternative Book of Job or God has a Mother and Y’all Didn’t Even Know it

I look up at the sky and say,

“Dios mío, I got a couple questions.”

God pulls up. He says, “Mi’jo, what

questions you got? I stutter a little

cause I’m shook by his appearance

but I manage to ask, “You mad at atheists?”

He says, “Nah, mi’jo, it’s whatever.” I ask

him what his favorite food is. He says, “Carnitas.”

I’m like, “Deadass?” He says, “Yeah, in a

warm tortilla with chirmol and guacamol

with a cold glass of Coke on the side. I’m

like, “Shit, I thought you weren’t human

so you didn’t have to eat.” He’s like, “Yeah,

I don’t have to, but I like to.”

Then He tells me, “Good talk but now

I gotta dip cause my mom’ll be mad

if I pull up late to dinner.” I’m like, “Wait,

what the fuck, what mom?” But He doesn’t

hear me. By the time I say the words,

He’s already long gone.

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