Listening to the Wind

You left there in old age

                                                     A snow ball off the slope

Heard a bus to heaven (or to hell)

             Heard a field without any crop growing there

Which may have been reserved for an alien growth

                          Heard a young girl across the street

Dancing around a crowd of robots getting newly old

             Heard a bomber taking off the New Foundland

While frogs were singing a lost monody

                         On the other side of the world at midnight

Heard a key hit hard before a blinking screen

             & a naked body turning & twisting constantly on bed

Heard a couple of blackbirds tangoing on a powerline

                  & myriad leaves falling against autumn

Heard an icicle beginning to melt under the afternoon sun

                                                     Ready to shed tears in memory

      Of last storm:

                          Shhh, my Lord, just let sounds

                          Fill up my ears, and heart stealthily

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