lichen itch you

inside my perforated jaw is the 5 minutes after i woke up

 & knew i would not be sleeping tonight

 with anyone    so probably just looking

 for buying green    carolina anoles living

 mature unsexed pack of 12     maybe more

 once i pulsate  outward at the intersection

 of memorial   boulevard & exchange street

 in harmonic frequency with the throbbings

 that recall some sense of urgency     above

 a micrographic yet yawning gap

 where’s your sense of urgency?     where’s your sense of urgency to palpate me

 with my own faggotry?     displace some molecules     dude?    like if i take my

          serotonin dreams holistically & with

          the knowledge from the guy who lies

          in the bed across from mine that in my

          sleep i’m yelling    a lot     about nonsensicals

          nits & fleas    my night-sweatings     & likening it

          to being in the pores of     a face of

          a sponge    or becoming one. so where’s my

          brother-beau    as i diffuse to fill the whole container

             for a search & admiration of the orange & blue lichens

             most especially   electric in the backdrop & loving talking

             about the weather   since i am it when i drink 8 8 ounces

             of water per day but it doesn’t count since mostly it

             just leaks    down my triceps    from my many millions

             of pinholes & i blame the hormones?

                   not to mention

                   secretly i have no face

                   so don’t tell anyone i’m faceless

                   since it’s a secret     what a babe

                   & really cute

                                          to collapse in on myself in these tooth-biting

                                          temperatures    & press my holes into the folds

                                          of reality     be likening every surface

                                          to a scratch or dried ooze

                                          in a crust on my tongue

                                          in your   tongue

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