The Day Is Glass and Easy to Shatter

Man who is an enemy.

Where have you gone behind the eyes our father gave you.

Your dreams hold as much light as the end of a cigarette. Brother,

catch up or walk beside me.

I will not remind myself of our likeness.

Brother behind me, catch up.

You can kill me or walk beside me.

The day is glass and easy to shatter. Your body

cuts lean shadows. Lion of my father.

Safeguard of my youth, catch up, kill me,

or walk beside me. The teeth of men cut into the darkness.

I have grown fearful without you.

Man who is an enemy. Our father is dying

over your brokenness and I am on my way to meet him.

Catch up my brother. Kill me,

or walk beside me—

don’t stand behind me counting stones.

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