Summer Solstice Love Spell

I turn this clay pot

and the pot turns the hearth,

and the hearth turns the stove,

and the stove rotates the beams

with the chimney

and the floors,

and the roof with red tiles flying,

unraveling branches,

and the branches reveal St. Spiridon,

and show the witches dancing

in a circle in the sky

around the Lord’s Mother

who turns the hearts of the lovers

breaking up over the phone,

crying on the lawn

for love slippery as bile,

love that makes them puke,

poisonous love that tears

their hearts out and

leaves them there

in the grass.

And the Lord’s Mother

gathers their hearts at midnight

in this clay pot on the night

between summer and winter

when the snakes talk

and the skies open,

wound to wound,

stem to stem,

golden trumpet

to golden trumpet,

to join and

make peace.


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