Day After Ruination Day

If the going about with little fuss

is quiet sought for of our lives

worked within what was given

and if only so long as

not too jarred from paths can

sit in courtyards drinking/dining

sunny on a tax day, belief-filled,

optimistic, in our narrow-

fielded vision, can

indeed perceive the world as

we within it, doing all

we (can or) could, or

any entity would have

due cause to ask of us, our none-

theless idle chatter, the flavor

of permissibility (self-

granted) of a modern ‘can-

do’ attitude, buoyed by

commercial agency, incorporated

each: unto ourselves, having

paid our (duly) shares

of year’s waged wars (and

threatened wars) made possible

by liminal-most fear-

tinged air about our laughter

‘s clink of silverware

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