queer boys fall in love quick

love you after the first date

and long conversation

found “The One” because

he don’t moan too high

like the last guy

he remembers he’s a man

like me

on the second date queer boys try to find their place in the cuddle

and if the spoons are right, will demand:

fuck me like im yours

and will let you cum in them every drop of your trauma

the love cums from no longer feeling ghost, comes from

you’re like me, feel my woundthe same

this is where they cut me

they got you too?

my mom did this onethis one’s from Godyeah thatmy uncle

these i did to myself, tried three times in high school towell, you know

boys never know what they’re doing the first time

show me yourswow

kiss me


fill the woundlike             it’s          yours

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