An Ultimatum with a Tryst: On the Recurrent Shortcomings of an Asymptotic Relationship

She likes to stop-watch the sunset

brilliant burnt purple and orange,

and 3.858 seconds late.

She says it’s not that complicated either.

As day’s glow fades

the dark sea and navy sky

are welded together

while sand slips through the grip

of anyone trying to grasp it,

grain by grain

driftwood draws a natural logarithmic function1

lines in the sand—

and I sense an imminent analogy

as she solves our lives with Limits.

My attention lies with the torrent

of waves rushing at my feet, shy,

and receding into the trough

on the next breaching swell

of waves rushing at my feet, etc.

Through her eyes:

waves are sinusoidal

circles are products of 2πr

(i.e. diametric)

we are binary.

Her Theorem:2

If: y = L

And: f(x) = ln(x)+m

Then: f(x)L if the LIMx→∞ of f(x) exists for any yL

She says it’s not that complicated either3

you can, or, you can’t.

Now the moon is fastened overhead,

its gravity impending high tide’s arrival

which she calculates4

and suggests we move soon

while the surf tickles my toes,

wiping these sands anew

until the sun rises again

Figure 1.1

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