Echo (III)

The regret is not what

I did not say not the undone

but the done & done again

unending which is my name now

which was my name before it meant anything

why do you think

people walking alone through mountains

shout hello to no one

to know they’re alone it’s the silence

that’s loud it’s the whole earth

that’s crowded they would never shout

in a crowd their voice would be swallowed

besides people would stare

if reflection’s another word for love

and who’s saying it is

if I again had a body

could walk into a room full of people

on two miraculous legs

I’d come shake your hand I’d tell you

scream as loud as you want

then take you to a runway does that sound

in your ears seem familiar

does that sound like something you want

let’s stand under a jet plane

shattering the sound barrier I’d like that

you’d like it too for now there’s a mirror

that will always return

what you offer like I love you

or your teeth are white

but crooked it’s so honest

it won’t lie unless you tell it lies first

what simple perfection

you say Good morning it repeats

Good morning just once

forgive me I can’t

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