Goddesses, Winners!

She would’ve been prettier and more in touch with the moon had she been there when the phone rang.

If she’d picked up, she would’ve heard a lively voice telling her, Congratulations, you’re a winner! A goddess imbued with ancient moon powers!

She was upstairs, taking a long shower, scrubbing off old skin.

The people behind the automated phone service believed that the Right Words at the Right Time could make a difference in women’s lives. Women needed affirmation. Women needed to sync up with the moon. Women were goddesses! Winners!

Alas, many women didn’t pick up. The ones who deserved affirmation would. And the ones who didn’t would keep fucking their undeserving men in ill-fitting pants.

She will keep eating drab salads for lunch. At parties, strange men will touch the small of her back.

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