Bodhisattvas of the Earth Drive-Through at Night in Vehicles

I hear the ringtone

as I arrive at a drive­in theatre fairground,

the ground is fair when it’s a dirt floor.

Led by a global voice,

the backlight glows and apps bring background to the fore as

my love shows me a lion outfit photo stored in his phone.

We roll in, dharma wheels so big, we spinnin’ on ‘44’s.

We drove in voluntarily,

a rarity, folks bold, leave the comfort of their home, watch a

film from the car in heat cuz of the principle. Some sit with

luxury to blast a/c, some low on gas so roll down windows.

Sweat rolls down necks, dreadlocks atop heads of

arms inked, velour suits are lion skin, sneakers with

three stripes or checks sewn in, refreshments courtesy of

Popeye’s, Fried Chicken has replaced spinach,

beams of light emitted

on flat surface so we see moving images, dust particles swirl in

rays but instead of being dirty it adds whimsiness. Disney plays while

we live in suspended animation—

Unicorns are more popular lately—I think while watching the picture show, munching

wings instead of popcorn—Candy


I heard from a librarian when arranged properly candy corns together make an ear—

Can corn hear?

We should fight, if even corn have kernels—Corn’s in everything—Syrup to

fructose—We are what we eat—I hear you can hear them grow—

One Corn, One World.

The end credits begin another movie. We don’t leave. Gasoline emissions, fumes

are strong but we don’t choke, we breathe.

I hear engines, more are coming.

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