And I Emerged a Scarecrow

I go into my dream, to pick moments

like cloths. It is a wardrobe and I get

to wear a smile to fit the occasion

you don’t want me in the reunion

hall looking like I have not earned a

dime since graduation while they

toast to good life, expensive jewelleries,

fast cars and handsome guys. I walk

in the shadow to hide my rag

from the light but it speaks

with the wind


a good thing

their expensive perfumes are so strong

they neutralise the stench I bring

I unfurl on the spectre

like old mat like sewage wave from

the limbs of sink water rolling from

the periphery of kitchen waste where

its sea meets a sky and splatter the

juice of a rotten orange on a facade

I set out of their horizon and follow

the way the sun took out of the

wardrobe and I emerge a scarecrow

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