no pens


whoa! you dropped pen!

not good! pen was good.

real good! shoes were good.

real good! ruined! god! dad!

merci beaucoup pour le stylo

but he dropped it! ink everywhere!

squid explosion! cats covered!

mom is super duper PO’d!


strap on rusty rollerblades, brother,

shaky knee skate to the end of world waterfall.

i will meet you there and sing hymns to small bears.

these bears will protect you and offer you food

one day becoming such: weak//delicious.

a means of sleeping sweetly, sweet boy.

tough fur raft when you brave the falls &

swiffer dust star masses on yr way to sheol.

say hi to abraham, isaac, jacob,

rachel, tamar, big daddy moses.

tell them i think of them more/less infrequently.

they will understand! then down!

tangled in knotty, dry branches

of the tree

of knowledge

of good and evil

—! what a mouthful!


you’re parched!

             drink sap!

you’re starved!

             eat all seed bearing fruit



a finger taps yr left shoulder

you turn wide red eyed around

paranoid—no one is there

wait! something on your right!

god himself! that son of a gun

gets you every time!


he laughs in polyrhythm

cries evian tears

you hold him

and know (as he screams)

he’s been lonely

lead him by hand

bear cub magic carpet

feel plushy friends

cushion patella

take him back up, up, up to earth.

“will they be mad i left?”

“no just check yr pockets:

no fucking pens”

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