Adult Coloring Book


coloring in things with tastes

coloring things in, coloring things with

coloring in with round sound . . .

colored in by sound, upside-down sounds


to draw on the idea

the idea shaped like a flower,

to scribble on a flower,

yellowed poppy

raised in an unscented area,

to take a pen out and write on a bed of irises

to add your worm word

to the picture window

like a yarn signature on a cloud


stapling your voice to mine

stapling her voice to her voice

taping their voices to that voice

singing the song no matter

where it comes from

or whatever is unfolding

at the top of the trees

what does the figure of the bridge carry

whole boxes of touch

left on the sidewalk


coloring in everything you’ve learned

with everything you’ve forgotten

wearing the mountain down to a nub

the fold in the pages the stream in the field

congratulations, star face,

you’ve stayed within the rules

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