(from Coins from the Coins in Stories)


1. into which coins fall like rain matched innumerably to tears

2. words a sort of remembering

3. wares and rudiments

4. flung the self-same whose wet hands work

5. this pygg into feed pots, imperfect

6. muddies a language

             An orange-tinted mud

7. roils with the tingling

             rain clouds, and wet feet

8. press into the spun earth running it

containment (contains all words)

(a shape like contentment)

only there is no keeping

it simple now, keep trying

keep pinching the world

from its dream

to slot the imperfect

apostrophe, Child;

there is no better shape than ready

on its back, on its all-fours

animal now because

soon you will think to name


coins you hear

fall like rain

reverse the ritual

to ping the riches splayed at the break

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