Book of the Robin in the Bird
Chick Embryo Development

II. Primitive Streak

Here, her head & backbone

develop: on pavement, chain-

link-everything, whistles, &

finite ticks of the second hand

between arithmetic & square

pizza; where letters form sharp,

piercing tools; knuckles bleed

& the lips that speak dirty spic,

bloat in purple hues; someone

added play to this ground,

idyllic & perhaps a bit ignorant;

the absence resonates in the

throats roaring in scene; yes,

she find herself seen—burning

match among the dormant

book, face both darker &

ablaze; the squint of his eyes;

more words; she in swell; then

her boot between his legs; fists

& fists to cheek bones & more

fists; the circle engulfs her;

somewhere in the blur, in

distance, a bell rings.

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