Moa Space Foa Ramble

Sell dat beachfront property now

and get as much as you can foa da house.

Wheah you got your plumeria tree

and nice green lawn

going be wun playground foa da fishes.

Methane from da tundra

and CO2 from smoke stacks and exhaust pipes

going turn all dat melted ice from da poles

into moa watah foa da lobsters and da eels.

Middle of da island

dats da place to go.

Dere’s no getting around it

cause da coastline going sink.

Take wun good look at da airport

and da brand new rail—

all of it is moving inland, brah.

Waikiki going be real different too.

Might as well just give it up

cause wun surrounding wall not going help.

Too bad no can build da same kine mega dam

dat dey going make in San Francisco Bay.

Da Golden Gate sure going look different.

Global warming—

Foa da longest time

plenty people wen blow it off as wun myth.

Now Kanaloa1 going have moa space foa ramble.

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