The Mind and the Body

The main issue is how the mind feels

separate from the body, how it imagines

itself both inside and outside of the body.

Of course the body doesn’t like this

since, it says, There is no inside or outside

there is only me. So they’re sort of at

an impasse over that very basic point.

The mind can be a real jerk but the

body keeps going the whole time anyway.

Or it doesn’t keep going, but we’re not

discussing death and even if we were,

that’s a good example of where the problem

is. The mind says, I may be able to escape

death. But I don’t think the body feels

like that. The body feels like death is a big

part of who it is. So, the body feels

underappreciated and the mind feels like

the body is a big baby for not conquering

death, but of course, the mind knows it

hasn’t conquered anything either. It’s

just a big game. The body thinks the mind

is crazy for not embracing death. And the

mind is crazy.

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