No Furniture

from Poems by Purple People

when they stare

they see

the empty house without furniture

where was the table, round

the sofa, with cushions

the fridge

the floors.

the color of air

the weighty silence after midnight

the neighbor is quiet

her TV is off

her lover is not around.

when you come home,

bring the knife

and peel the apple.

leave it on the plate

on the floor

where the table used to be

go down on your knees

eat it

from the plate

like you are your own cat

your own pet

your own mammal

your own animal

drip one drop of its juice

on the wooden floor

like a horse would

a calf

a sheep.


to where your bed used to be

hug the pillow you no longer have

and curl up

like a perfect hedgehog

with unnecessary spikes

then, breathe softer

for the night.

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