On the People Running from Godzilla

Here, finally, at the end of the movie,

the people of Tokyo are in the streets,

running, trying to get anywhere else,

though it’s already too late.

Godzilla is upon them, bearing down,

and so they stop, turn, point, and scream.

Why have they stopped? you wonder.

Why are they pointing and screaming now?

Do they think others don’t realize

there’s an 800 foot tall lizard loose in the city

spraying fire and making that awful noise?

And when Godzilla lifts his foot,

they shield their heads with an arm,

as if this will protect them

from many tons of stomping monster.

Whatever you think of the cheesy acting,

the lame dubbing, and the ridiculous FX,

you must resist the urge to call the people stupid.

You too have called attention to the obvious

only after it became obvious.

You too hoped to be spared the inevitable.

And worst of all, you too heeded the authorities,

who never fail to say they have everything under control,

whose advice is always to remain indoors

and stay calm.

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