You Get What You Deserve

If you are

about to die because of something

someone else did and because of something

you didn’t do well enough to prevent,

take a lesson from the wild animal honey badger,

who doesn’t give a shit

as it tries to use an expired coupon at the grocery store:

it scoffs at the young cashier’s smirk, her manager’s

rumpled dedication to his desire

to go back in time for a high school do-over.

Tasteless and fashionably laughing all the way

to wherever you at this impulse or another

happen to be going, you bite cobras in the forehead

or get stung again and again

by a swarm of bees who don’t think highly

of your devil-may-care attitude nor insistence on B-and-E,

you’re the motherfucking honey badger

and you do what you want.

Remember this next time

you’re tripping balls about mortality: it’ll be alright,

and if you’re good enough to sport the interstate

while texting LOL c u l8tr,

then you’re good enough for whatever comes your way.

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