Lines Composed While Hunched Over the Last Decent Jukebox in America

Stiff icebox bourbon measured over rocks with just one splash

Of water. Well hooch, rum, sour mash served straight up.

Hot kegs of ale tapped fast as rotgut in red plastic cups.

Unless some poor fuck feels flush. Then, it's top shelf,

Till spare cash acts tipsy as the rest of us drunks: crashed

On pain pills, dope, rusted beds stripped off broke pickups.

We'll drop loose change on lit jukes, chase shot hopes,

Throw up hands like ripped crooks caught (just off-frame)

By rerun cops: all those mock tape decks stuffed with hash.

Let bent punks mouth sick bootleg licks friends punched in

Like clocks, since, who cares? counts loss enough to dance,

Laugh, cast orders dry as our bartender's sense of humor

Besides this rented music? Soundtracks mixed to cure

Our own thin blood: Help! Shout! Let's go get stoned . . .

Listen (Heartbreak beat) no one I know drinks for taste alone.

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