Simple Shapes

In saying the end of the road is near, I meant the following

Lines are coming: let's keep this

To ourselves, the unfortunate spelling

Of words, shattered glass in a thunderstorm.

Have I made a point?  No one is asking

Any questions.  The truth is that I will

Look after you.  Here are the answers.  I am old

Now.  I am more or less prepared.  This is the path

To regret and apple blossoms.  Did you know

That they're in the rose family—the gift of a dozen

Beautiful fruit.  I am putting simple shapes

In a basket and floating it downriver.  I feel confident

That they will grow into complex rhythms without me.

This is a new field of study.  This is a form

Of organization: stagnant waters attract insects

And the chains are rearranged to make things work.

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