The Nude

version #1

recently i been a bit

concerned that my

wife is gonna stab

me right through

the shower curtain

right in the forehead

none of that



tony perkins

multiple stabbing bullshit

but a nice clean shot

right through

the curtain

and say—

"now take that!

now take the kid!"

and take off once

again to the best western

where she'll take out the phone

for a bit of rest and relaxation

(lord knows

she sure

as hell

deserves it)

and peek my

streetwise eyes

around the curtain

before i get out

like birmingham

with those big

eyes bugged-out

from charlie chan

quoting the mad

lucy ricardo—

"slowly i turn

step by step . . ."

version #2

i keep on pressing her

to have another kid

and say such

stupid shit

like this

was our

original plan

and agreement

you betrayed me

just to try and push

buttons and get her going

(she's always so damn cute

when she gets defensive and angry)

and talks to me about finances and being

stable and ready and how things change

i say well then how about giving birth to me?

i could really use a rebirth? and she goes yeah . . .

then happen to mention i'd like to see her gynecologist

on her hands and knees giving head while on one of her

anti-anxiety meds i think something like xanax then drifts

down the dark stairs in her cute tweety bird pants for neopolitan

ice cream both of these things made just for the right occasion . . .

version #3

i observe my love's bare beautiful blindingly

white powder-white bottom as she doesn't want

to do it and ask her to take it off right in front of

a mute clint eastwood think it was high plains

drifter just standing there silhouetted in front

of one of those great blank deserted western

towns always wondering where it was

down by what mound of mountains out in

arizona? new mexico? california? colorado?

salt lake city? as all i see is just her and

words coming up over the screen of the

coward townsmen and herd mentality

whining and putting down the great

1970s american silver-screen star

with his subtle and suave stoic

smile—"he's making a mockery

of this town! he made a dwarf

a sheriff . . ." and think she is getting

turned on by the posse and am getting

turned on that she is getting turned on and get off

the neighbors lights are on next door on the garage

and cool crisp leaves skittering all around our home

version #4

i stand with my wife in the shower

     while she insults me

and look up at falling water

     with a half-crazed smile

like looking down at niagara falls

     like some proud lost scholar

without a lover

     i threaten her that if she doesn't choke me (soon)

i'm gonna spank her

     she's on psychotropic medication for a bad childhood

and goes through the motions

      i look down at her aeroelas

hoping to get turned on

      like taking the long island expressway home

after seder in the fog

      later on i'll do a literal leap of faith in her bed

50/50 she'll take me in

      bought me one of those nice norelco electric shavers for christmas

even laid out directions

      i love her . . .

version #5


at night

in her dirty

shower cap

i swear i

can hear her




her sweet

little voice





with life









the drain

along with

all her other

girly things



shaving cream . . .

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