As Rambo Lay Dying

As Rambo lay dying,

he was happy there were no cameras.

He took on some manners that I admire.

Some people would have called him a shut-in.

He was my teacher.  We had different lives.

It was as if there were a language barrier.

He was not used to having guests.

He did not need to have his hand held.

He said:  do something

not because it's Republican,

but because you believe

it's the right thing to do

(urinating all over himself)

he said, horses

are still important in the U.S.

The 2 party system is killing us.

Rambo said, sorry, I didn't mean

to be topless when you got here.

He said, tape over

my dance exercise class.

I   do   not   fear   risk   for love.

I   do   not    fear   lack of vision.

Bequeath nothing to charity.

Burn my Pearl Jam CDs.

Here is my journal.

I  loved  writing  it.

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