Rambo, having a glass

of wine on the beach,

and she asks,

                       can I have some of that?

and he says, OK,

                             but you have to go away.

                             I really just want to read.

Rambo, growing older.

The day he quit dying his hair,

none of the neighbors knew who he was.

It was a hotel yellow.

He stopped shaving his body altogether.

Rambo, at home

holding hands with the cat.  Remembering,

             Me and Gene Simmons

             talking about being God.

             Me and Mr. T

             doing some shaving.

             Clint Eastwood’s beard.

             What will they say,

             "Rambo and Mr. T

             not wanting to be Clint Eastwood?"

Rambo, exhaustible.

He started a journal called Country Music.

He started a garden for food.

He weeded out all the good throwing rocks.

Colonel Trautman bought him a white goat

                                          to keep off snakes.

An American Ninja

delivered it in the night.

The chickens went crazy.

Rambo hardly noticed.

Rambo, happy.

He drinks all his fluids from

a chilled white wine glass.

He bakes

      his own bread.

He sings:

                a wind for my ship.

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