from Quantum Leap


smattering of amoebas

Leap:  sun's out, a little girl smacks at the ants on her cheek,

a tail wags its epileptic dog, the canine stumbles like in the

leveled belly of a van and I remember I want to do something

I'm not supposed to Leap:  topless, smiling, mirror-reflects

the bottom row of my mouth, pink gum, no teeth, I'm beautiful

Leap:  I didn't accomplish anything last time, right now

a gun tastes funny-awkward on my tongue, inches from my

uvula so I'm not sure how much I'll accomplish Leap

A monster is destroying me, neuron dendrites clinging

to banana peel interiors, the leaps've never been like this

before—to the point now where I ask what before

ecstatic pain mind detached Leap:  salt-water pouched

behind my lower lip, celebrating something.  Petite Priscilla-

-type nudges her body against mine, it's a new year, our

glasses clink I'm really drunk and I realize she's a man

Leap:  a feeling there was music, the sky moving up/down

ground static as always Ritchie Valens' eyes don't trust

gravity Leap:  lights and buttons, control panels and a voice

instructing me to aim the deathray at the planet below.

I look at tiny Earth and see a strange faint reflection.

I push the button that feels right Leap:

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